Republica de Venezuela
  • Frederick Martin
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The republic of Venezuela was formed in 1830 by secession from the other members of the Free-state founded by Simon Bolivar within the limits of the Spanish colony of New Granada. The charter of fundamental laws actually in force, proclaimed in 1864 was designed on the model of the constitution of the United States of America, but with considerably more independence secured to provincial and local government. The provinces, or states, of the republic, thirteen in number, have each their own legislature and executive, as well as their own budgets, and judiciary officers, and the main purpose of their alliance is that of common defence. At the head of the central executive government stands a President, elected for the term of four years, with a Vice-President at his side, and exercising his functions through only one minister, called the Secretary for Foreign Affairs. The legislation for the whole republic is vested in a Congress of two Houses, called the Senate and the House of Representatives, both composed of members deputed by the same bodies in the individual states. The President, Vice-President, and Congresses of States are elected by universal suffrage, and all citizens are eligible who can read and write, without distinction of birth, colour, and race.


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