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The national government of the United States is a democratic federative republic, composed of States. It is based on the constitution of September 17, 1787, to which ten amendments were made on December 15, 1791; an eleventh amendment on January 8, 1798; and a twelfth amendment on September 25, 1804.


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Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning the United States

1. Official Publications

  1. Acts of Congress relating to Loans and the Currency from 1842 to 1864 inclusive. 8. New York, 1864.Google Scholar
  2. Agriculture of the United States in 1860, compiled from the original returns of the Eighth Census, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, C. G. Kennedy, Superintendent of the Census. 4. Washington, 1865.Google Scholar
  3. Commercial Relations. Report of the Secretary of State on the Commercial Relations of the United States with Foreign Countries for the year ended September 30, 1864. 8. Washington, 1865.Google Scholar
  4. Commerce of the United States. Statistics of the Foreign and Domestic Commerce of the United States, embracing an Historical Review and Analysis of Foreign Commerce from the beginning of the Government; the present internal Commerce between the Mississippi and Atlantic States; the Overland Trade and Communication with the Pacific States; the Productions and Exchanges of the Gold and Silver Districts; the Commerce of the Pacific Coast and the Internal Relations of the Northern Frontier of the United States. Communicated by the Secretary of the Treasury in answer to a resolution of the Senate of the United States, March 12, 1863. 8. Washington, 1865.Google Scholar
  5. Report by Mr. Stuart, H.M.’s Secretary of Embassy, on the Revenue, Expenditure, and Public Debt of the United States, dated February 22, 1864; in ‘Reports of H.M.’s Secretaries of Embassy.’ No. VII. London, 1864.Google Scholar
  6. Statistical Tables relating to Foreign Countries. Fol. Part IX. London, 1864.Google Scholar

2. Non-Official Publications

  1. Bristed (J.), The Resources of the United States of America. 8. New York, 1858.Google Scholar
  2. Constitution of the United States of America, and Rules and Orders of the House of Representatives. 8. Washington, 1833.Google Scholar
  3. Homans’ (J. Smith) Banker’s Magazine and Statistical Register. New York, 1865.Google Scholar
  4. Macgregor (J.), The Progress of America, from the Discovery by Columbus to the Year 1846. Vol. II. Geographical and Statistical. 4. London, 1847.Google Scholar
  5. Macpherson (E.), The Political History of the United States of America during the Great Rebellion from I860 to 1864. 8. Washington, 1864.Google Scholar
  6. National Almanac and Annual Record for the Year 1864. 8. Philadelphia, 1864.Google Scholar
  7. Raymond (Hon. Henry J.), The Life and State Papers of Abraham Lincoln, late President of the United States; including his Speeches, Addresses, Messages, Letters, and Proclamations. 8. New York, 1865.Google Scholar
  8. Smith (E. P.), Commentaries on Statute and Constitutional Law of the United States. 8. Albany, 1848.Google Scholar
  9. Story (J.), Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States. 3 vols. 8. Boston and Cambridge, 1833.Google Scholar
  10. Toequcille (Alexis C, II. C. de), La Démocratie en Amérique. 4 vols. 8. Paris, 1835–40.Google Scholar

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