The Illusion of Transcendence and the Ontology of Immanence

  • Jason J. Wallin
Part of the Education, Psychoanalysis, and Social Transformation book series (PEST)


The “traditional” conceptualization of currere is marked by a transcendent commitment. The a priori image of the world forged through such discourses as structuralism and phenomenology presume a stable ontological ground from which the course of pedagogical life emanates. As Foucault (1972) avers, while structuralism was conceived as a means to overcome the values of humanism, it nevertheless advanced an image of life requiring universal structuration. That is, structuralist approaches to currere would assert the a priori image of an underlying system or universal grammar prior to difference. Put differently, the structualist legacy in curriculum theory posits a transcendent point or structural ground beneath structure. It is such a legacy that inheres in the Marxist, Saussurian, and Freudian coordinates of curriculum theory.


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