Canaanite Reconstructionism Among Contemporary Israeli Pagans

  • Shai Feraro


The majority of Israeli Pagans follow some form of eclectic Western Paganism, but an effort is being made to infuse the generic Wiccanate ritual structure with references to the local seasons and elements from the Ugaritic texts, hereby indigenizing the Wiccanate tradition by injecting it with local cultural content. As the local Israeli community matures and gains confidence, there is also a growing tendency to focus on “home-grown” local deities. Set against the unique background of Israeli society and identity politics, Feraro focuses on the recent emergence of Canaanite Reconstructionism in Israel, reports on interviews with its adherents as they build a modern practice and highlights Reconstructionists’ discourse regarding their links to ancient Canaanite culture and the land of modern-day Israel.

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  • Shai Feraro
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