Change and Open Systems

  • Ruth Richards
Part of the Palgrave Studies in Creativity and Culture book series (PASCC)


Who are “we,” then, as creative product? Hard to put boundaries around it/us, or to distinguish “who we are” as creative product, from creative process. Our dynamic of self and world makes more sense when we see self in touch with, and even intimately connected and intertwined with, our larger surrounds. We are also organically in a nonlinear dance of change and surprise. Meanwhile “outside” and “inside” are not so separate, and we ourselves are processes-in-motion. For many it is a new view of self-in-world, linked to a larger worldview based in a complex (and beautiful) interconnected dynamical picture. Our own influences are many, and also more evident, when we visualize ourselves as “open systems.”

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  • Ruth Richards
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