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  • Ruth Richards
Part of the Palgrave Studies in Creativity and Culture book series (PASCC)


We are dependent upon environment, much more than many think, directly and epigenetically. Here are several examples and, in particular, the blossoming of youth at risk in the unique culture of a high mountain wilderness setting. Sharing of poetry and creative expression is included, even about one’s darkest moments, not about a creative product, but about process, risking and revealing, honoring authenticity, group, introspection, trust, and nonjudgmental valuing of others and self-in-process, on a path of opening and healing. This is framed by resonant features of humanistic and positive psychology, chaos and complexity, and relational-cultural theory. All involve dynamic interconnection, growth and change, and at times, new norms and values—as found too by the youth—compared to our prevailing culture.

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