The Uyghur Factor in Turkish-Chinese Relations After the Urumqi Events

  • Erkin Ekrem
Part of the Politics and History in Central Asia book series (PSPSCA)


One of the most important issue that affect the bilateral relations between Turkey and China is the Uyghur problem. Any conflict that erupts in Eastern Turkestan will have an immediate effect on the bilateral relations and is followed by an effort to fix the damage. The Urumqi incident happened on July 5, 2009. Furthermore, the asylum demands of Uyghurs who escaped to Southeast Asia in 2014 also can be seen as an event cycle that led to problematic relations between the two countries. Turkey expects China to invest and transfer the technology it has; on the other hand, China is interested in the strategic position of Turkey. Both sides can compromise to reach their goals, but the Uyghur problem has a special place in the eyes of Turks and has not yet been solved.

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  • Erkin Ekrem
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