Bordered Conscience: Uyghurs of Central Asia

  • Suchandana Chatterjee
Part of the Politics and History in Central Asia book series (PSPSCA)


This chapter seeks to demonstrate the importance of understanding the influence of local in Uyghur historical writing, a tradition strongly influenced by local history. The purpose is to look beyond the common perception of the Uyghurs as a minority nationality inhabiting the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China. Today’s indigenous Uyghur histories of Xinjiang are seen as “local” from the Chinese perspective, which considers the Uyghurs and the province of Xinjiang to be part of the Chinese state. From the Uyghur nationalist perspective, the same history is national rather than local. The Uyghurs of Central Asia have regained attention in the context of growing interest in narratives about margins.

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  • Suchandana Chatterjee
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