Microdeformation and Fracture in Bulk Polyolefins

  • Christopher J. G. PlummerEmail author
Part of the Advances in Polymer Science book series (POLYMER, volume 169)


The fracture properties and microdeformation behaviour and their correlation with structure in commercial bulk polyolefins are reviewed. Emphasis is on crack-tip deformation mechanisms and on regimes of direct practical interest, namely slow crack growth in polyethylene and high-speed ductile–brittle transitions in isotactic polypropylene. Recent fracture studies of reaction-bonded interfaces are also briefly considered, these representing promising model systems for the investigation of the relationship between the fundamental mechanisms of crack-tip deformation and fracture and molecular structure.


Polyethylene Polypropylene Microdeformation Fracture Slow crack growth 



Crack length (m)


Crack speed (m s−1)


Scaling constant (m s−1)


Atomic force microscopy


Craze anisotropy factor


Backscattered electron


Compact tension


Flory-Huggins interaction parameter


Craze fibril spacing (m)


Entanglement spacing (m)


Crack opening displacement (m)


Critical crack opening displacement (m)


Double edge-notched tension


Young’s modulus (GPa)


Ethylene-propylene copolymer


Ethylene-propylene rubber


Ethylene-propylene-diene monomer


Elongation at break


Strain rate (s−1)


Scaling constant (s−1)


Environmental stress cracking


Electron resonance spectroscopy


Essential work of fracture (J m−2)


Field emission gun scanning electron microscopy


Full notch creep test


Critical strain energy release rate (J m−2)


Mode I plane strain critical strain energy release rate (J m−2)


High density polyethylene


Isotactic polypropylene


Critical non-linear strain energy release rate (J m−2)


Stress intensity factor (MPa m1/2)


Critical stress intensity factor (MPa m1/2)


Scaling constant (MPa m1/2)


Mode I plane strain critical stress intensity factor (MPa m1/2)


Maximum stress intensity factor (MPa m1/2) (cyclic tests)


Fibrillar zone length (m)


Statistical step length (m)


Low density polyethylene


Linear low density polyethylene


Linear elastic fracture mechanics


Medium density polyethylene


Molar mass (g mol−1)


Entanglement molar mass (g mol−1)


Weight average molar mass (g mol−1)


Molecular weight distribution


Maleic anhydride


Poisson’s ratio


Power law exponent


Entanglement density (m−3)


Optical microscopy


Polyamide 6






Ratio of maximum to minimum K (cyclic tests)


Rapid crack propagation


Small angle X-ray scattering


Slow crack growth


Scanning electron microscopy


Small scale yielding


Interfacial crossing density (m−2)


Stress (MPa)


Craze widening stress (MPa)


Fibril breakdown stress (MPa)


Tensile yield stress (MPa)


Scaling constant (MPa)


Temperature (°C)


Time (s)


Time to break (s)


Fibril breakdown time (s)


Time constant (s)

T1, T2

Temperatures in non-isothermal welding (°C)


Transmission electron microscopy


Glass transition temperature (°C)


Interface temperature during welding (°C)


Melting temperature (°C)


Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene


Test speed (m s−1)


Fibril volume fraction


Interface width (m)


Wide angle X-ray scattering


Creep rate coefficient (m s−1)


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The author acknowledges the technical support of the Centre Interdépartemental de Microscopie Electronique (CIME) of the EPFL and H.-H. Kausch, J.-A.E. Månson, C. Grein, P. Béguelin, R. Gensler, C. Creton, F. Kalb, L. Léger, A. Ghanem, A. Goldberg, P.-E. Bourban, G. Smith and many others for the opportunity to be actively involved in various aspects of this work.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Laboratoire de Technologie de Composites et Polymères (LTC), Institut des MatériauxEcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)LausanneSwitzerland

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