Elektronenspin-Resonanz und Struktur von Störstellen in Alkalihalogenid-Kristallen

Part of the Advances in Solid State Physics book series (ASSP, volume 5)


ESR and ENDOR spectra have proved to be an extremely useful help for the determination of the structure of point defects in crystals. In the following paper it is discussed what type of resonance spectra can be expected for an unpaired electron interacting with one or more nuclei.

Strong hyperfine interaction with one or a few central nuclei and weak interaction with many more distant nuclei is of special interest in solid state physics. The results are compared with experimental observations on V k, U 2 and F centers. In addition the investigation of diamagnetic and other defects like M and R centers which are transferred to triplett or quartett states by optical excitation is considered.


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  1. 1.II. Physikal. Institut der TH7 Stuttgart

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