Physical models for semiconductor device simulation

Part of the Advances in Solid State Physics book series (ASSP, volume 36)


Device simulation has two main purposes: to understand and to depict the physical processes in the interior of a device, and to make reliable predictions of the behavior of the next device generation. Towards these goals, the quality of the implemented physical models is decisive, forcing heuristic fit models to be replaced by “first-principle”-based models. Since transport schemes using moments of the Boltzmann equation are still dominant within the simulation community, the challenge in developing models is given by a clever combination of sound physics with functional simplicity. The extent to which this has been possible will be demonstrated by means of two examples: band gap narrowing and band-to-band tunneling. We point out the limitations set by the poor knowledge of certain parameters, by the breakdown of common approximations, and by unresolved principle problems.


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