Some recent applications of brillouin scattering in solid state physics

Part of the Advances in Solid State Physics book series (ASSP, volume 15)


In the early days of Brillouin scattering the range of possible experiments was severely limited by the inadequacy of the available instrumentation. With the development of the very high contrast multipass interferometer it is now possible to perform measurements on very small and imperfect crystals and even on opaque materials where the penetration depth of the light is as low as a few wavelengths. The wealth of phonon information that can be derived from Brillouin scattering experiments is discussed and illustrated with examples of measurements on layer compounds, opaque semiconductors, liquid crystals and materials undergoing structural phase transitions. Brillouin scattering occurs not only from phonons but also from spin waves in magnetic systems. Recent spin wave measurements on YIG and CrBr3 are discussed.


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