Quantum dots

  • P. A. Maksym
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 477)


Quantum dots are reviewed, with emphasis on the theory of electron correlation. A brief survey of dot fabrication and experimental results is also given. The theoretical model of a dot as a 2D system with parabolic confinement and Coulomb interaction is explained and numerical results for spin polarised dots are presented to illustrate the physics in a typical case. When a dot is placed in a magnetic field a series of transitions occurs in which the ground state angular momentum increases with field. The angular momentum values that are selected form a sequence of magic numbers that is characteristic of the electron number and total spin. The ground state transitions affect most physical properties of dots and generally cause magnetic field dependent oscillations. The sequence of magic numbers is related to the symmetry of the classical minimum energy configuration and an approximation technique, based on a harmonic expansion about the classical minimum, is shown to give a good account of dot physics in the high angular momentum limit. Future prospects for studies of coupled dots are briefly discussed.


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