Magneto-optical millimeter-wave spectroscopy

  • Claus Dahl
  • Philippe Goy
  • Jörg P. Kotthaus
Part of the Topics in Applied Physics book series (TAP, volume 74)


Magnetic Field Harmonic Generator Schottky Diode Polar Plot Resonance Position 
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List of Symbols


Lattice period; major axis of an ellipse


Vector potential


Lattice period; minor axis of an ellipse


Magnetic-field strength


Speed of light


Diameter: substrate thickness


Electric field


External electric field


Receiver frequency


Intermediate frequency


Resonance frequency of Lorentzian oscillator


Frequency of master oscillator


Frequency of slave oscillator


Frequency of Gunn oscillator




Fourier transform


Lateral depletion length


Substrate wavevector


Free space wavevector


Wavegilde wavevector


Lacalization length of the edge magnetoplasmon


Conversion loss on harmonic N


Depolization tensor


Depolization factor in x- and y-direction


Harmonic index


Effective mass


Harmonic index; index of refraction


Density fluctuation


Two-dimensional carrier density


Three-dimensional carrier density


Dipole moment




Plasmon wavevector


Quality factor




Reflection coefficient


Transmission coefficient matrix


Diagonal transmission




Fermi velocity


Unit vector in z-direction


Free-space impedance


Waveguide impedance


Two-dimensional electron system




Laplace’s operator in two dimensions


Dielectric constant


Vacuum permitivity


Fermi wavelength


Wavelength in substrate


Free space wavelength




Vacuum permeability


Scalar (electrostatic) potential; phase


Magneto-conductivity tensor


Magneto-conductivity tensor with respect to the external field


DC-Drude conductivity at B=0


Momentum relaxation time


lattice tensor


Cyclotron frequency


Frequencies of plasma modes with radial and azimuthal index n and m


Plasma frequency of the 2D electron gas


Plasma frequency of the 3D electron gas

ωx, ωy

Fundamental plasma frequencies for polarization in x- and y- direction


Fundamental plasma frequency; frequency of the harmonic oscillator


Frequency of upper and lower fundamental magnetoplasma mode


Normalizing frequency


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  • Philippe Goy
  • Jörg P. Kotthaus

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