Forward-backward parallelism in on-line backpropagation

  • Rafael Gadea Gironés
  • Antonio Mocholí Salcedo
Artificial Neural Nets Simulation and Implementation
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1607)


The paper describes the implementation of a systolic array for a multilayer perceptron on ALTERA FLEX10KE FPGAs with a hardware-friendly learning algorithm. A pipelined adaptation of the on-line backpropagation algorithm is shown. It better exploits the parallelism because both the forward and backward phases can be performed simultaneously. As a result, a combined systolic array structure is proposed for both phases. Analytic expressions show that the pipelined version is more efficient than the non-pipelined version. The design is implemented and simulated using VHDL at different levels of abstraction and finally mapped on FPGAs.


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  • Rafael Gadea Gironés
  • Antonio Mocholí Salcedo

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