Universal unfolding of a singularity of a symmetric vector field with 7-jet C-equivalent to y ∂/∂x+(±x3 ±x6y) ∂/∂y

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In this paper we study the codimension 4 singularity at the origin for symmetric vector fields with nilpotent linear part and 7-jet C-equivalent to y ∂/∂x+(ax3+bx6y) ∂/∂y, a,b ≠ 0. For this we introduce the universal unfolding of the singularity and derive its bifurcation diagram. The methods are classical and make an extensive use of properties of elliptic integrals.


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  1. 1.Département de Mathématiques et de Statistique et Centre de Recherches MathématiquesUniversité de MontréalMontréal, QuébecCanada

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