Enumeration of immersions of m-manifolds in (2m-2)-manifolds by the singularity method

  • U. Kaiser
  • B. H. Li
Immersions And Vector Bundle Morphisms
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mathematics book series (LNM, volume 1350)


We give an enumeration of the set of homotopy classes of monomorphisms αm↪β2m-2 for vectorbundles α,β of dimensions m and (2m-2) over a differentiable closed manifold Mm of dimension m≥6. This is applied to the classification of immersions homotopic to a map g : Mm → N2m−2. In particular we can enumerate immersions from Mm in ℝ2m−2 for all m≥6.


Vector Bundle Short Exact Sequence Homotopy Class Obstruction Theory Real Projective Space 
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  • U. Kaiser
  • B. H. Li

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