Visual truetype: A graphical method for authoring font intelligence

  • Beat Stamm
Part I: RIDT'98 Advanced Tools for Typography
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1375)


TrueType fonts can be equipped with custom font intelligence for highest quality rendering down to the smallest type sizes at screen resolutions. However, to do so requires programming in an assembly language, which is outside the typical conceptual range of a typographer. In this paper we introduce a static representation of font intelligence in the form of a data structure we call the glyph structure. This glyph structure is visualized and authored graphically, and serialized automatically into the TrueType assembly language.

The result is a professional tool that makes instructing high-quality TrueType fonts available to any typographer, without requiring programming skills.

Key words

TrueType font intelligence glyph structure Visual TrueType 


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  • Beat Stamm
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  1. 1.Microsoft Typography, One Microsoft WayRedmondUSA

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