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XMX: A firmware-oriented block cipher based on modular multiplications

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS,volume 1267)


This paper presents xmx, a new symmetric block cipher optimized for public-key libraries and microcontrollers with arithmetic co-processors, xmx has no S-boxes and uses only modular multiplications and xors. The complete scheme can be described by a couple of compact formulae that offer several interesting time-space trade-offs (number of rounds/key-size for constant security).

In practice, xmx appears to be tiny and fast:136 code bytes and a 121 kilo-bits/second throughput on a Siemens SLE44CR80s smart-card (5 MHz oscillator).


  • Smart Card
  • Diffusion Means
  • Block Cipher
  • Modular Multiplication
  • Data Encryption Standard

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