Summary of current molecular databases

  • W. H. Parkinson
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There are a large number of atlases, bibliographies, books, and monographs, along with their vital revisions and new editions, that form the foundation of modern, computer-readable, molecular databases. A brief summary is given of some of the important books, current compilations and databases. Included, for example, are the great compilations, The Identification of Molecular Spectra by Pearse and Gaydon, and Molecular Spectra and Molecular Structure by Huber and Herzberg, and other definitive reference material, circulars, and monographs from many laboratories. These works have laid the foundation for, and have become part of, current databases such as HITRAN, the JPL catalogue, and RADEN, which support studies of, and spectral synthesis programs for, the transmission and emission of radiation in planetary and stellar atmospheres.


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