Atomic and molecular data for space astronomy: Needs and availability

  • Peter L. Smith
  • Wolfgang L. Wiese
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 407)


Atomic and molecular spectroscopic data are essential for the analysis of astronomical spectra and for modelling conditions in astronomical objects where photon-induced processes are important. In order to assess the atomic and molecular data required for analyzing spectroscopic observations from existing and planned orbiting observatories, and to provide space astronomers with a current inventory of atomic and molecular data compilations, a meeting was held as part of the XXIst General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in July of 1991. This book comprises written versions of the majority of the presentations made at the meeting. This chapter reviews, in general terms, the use of atomic and molecular spectroscopic data in astrophysics and discusses current state of laboratory capabilities for obtaining these data.


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