Some remarks on presentations by finite Church-Rosser Thue systems

  • Volker Diekert
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 247)


An infinite cancellative monoid where the classes of the syntactical congruence of its center form a finite group has no presentation by a finite Church-Rosser Thue System unless the monoid is isomorphic to ℤ or ℕ. This generalizes a result of Avenhaus et al. [1] on commutative monoids.

An infinite group with an abelian subgroup of finite index admits a finite Church-Rosser Thue presentation if and only if the group is isomorphic to ℤ or isomorphic to the free product ℤ / 2ℤ * ℤ / 2ℤ.

A group having a finite Church-Rosser Thue presentation is proved to be context-free.


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