Parallel HPF-MPI implementation of the TBSCM Poisson solver

  • Jean-Yves Berthou
  • Laurent Plagne
2. Computational Science
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1401)


The aim of this paper is to describe the parallel implementation of the Tensorial Basis Spline Collocation Method for solving Poisson's equation. The TBSCM Poisson solver has been developed mainly in High Performance Fortran(HPF) [For97]. Some small parts, which were inefficiently compiled by the pghpf2.3 HPF compiler, have been written with the Message Passing Interface library (MPI)[The94] using the HPF-LOCAL extrinsic feature. 90% of parallelization efforts have been concentrated on the most computationally intensive part of the code. This kernel achieves very good scalability and it attains 85 Gflops (85 109 floating points operations per second) on 256 Cray T3E-750 processors with a 5123 mesh which represents 332 Mflops per processor. Once the kernel was efficient, the whole code was ported in HPF-MPI. The whole code also scales well and achieves good performance since nearly 210 Mflops per processor are obtained with a 2563 mesh on 128 Cray T3E-750 processors.


Poisson Solver Vlasov Equation High Performance Fortran Message Passing Interface library Semi-Automatic Parallelization 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Jean-Yves Berthou
    • 1
  • Laurent Plagne
    • 2
  1. 1.EDF-DER/IMA/MMN/ISAClamart CedexFrance
  2. 2.Dèpartement de Recherche Fondamentale sur la Matière Condensèe CEA GrenobleGrenoble Cedex 9France

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