Parallelization of a block tridiagonal solver in HPF on an IBM SP2

  • Auke van der Ploeg
2. Computational Science
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1401)


The aim of this article is to describe how an existing FORTRAN-code for the solution of block tridiagonal systems of linear equations can be parallelized by using High Performance Fortran (HPF). The algorithm we consider in this paper, consists of a complete LU decomposition. In order to obtain a well-parallelizable algorithm, a simultaneous reordering of both rows and columns of the coefficient matrix is performed before the LU decomposition is constructed. Numerical results obtained on an IBM SP2 using the x1hpf-compiler will be compared with numerical results obtained on a Cray T3D.


parallel linear solver distributed memory HPF IBM SP2 Cray T3D 


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  • Auke van der Ploeg
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