Genetic programming artificial nervous systems artificial embryos and embryological electronics

  • Hugo de Garis
Genetic Algorithms Genetic Programming
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This paper shows that it is possible to build hyper-complex systems such as an artificial nervous system or an artificial embryo, despite the fact that their interactions or dynamics are (probably) too complicated to be analyzed. Genetic Programming (GP) is "applied evolution", i.e. using the Genetic Algorithm (GA) [GOLDBERG 1989] to evolve hyper-complex systems. Future work using the GP paradigm will probably lead to electronic circuits being "grown" in (and having their functionality tested in) special hardware called "Darwin Machines", thus creating a new field called "Embryonics" (i.e. Embryological Electronics).


Genetic Programming Genetic Algorithm Hyper-Complex Systems Time Dependent Neural Network Modules GenNets Brain Building Artificial Nervous Systems Genetically Programmed Insect Robots Artificial Embryos Artificial Life Embryonics Darwin Machines 


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