The work of CCITT in the field of telematic services

  • Rolf Rüggeberg
Environment Of Telecommunications And Open Systems
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 248)


The paper is opened by a classification of the different "non-voice-services" where the characteristics of each service are described and the differences between the services are shown in their typical facilities.

The organization of CCITT in general and the study program of Study Group I in particular are described. The study work on existing services, new services already in operation and new services for the future will be presented as well as the whole study program of the introduction of non-voice-services on the ISDN.

A world wide questionnaire on the introduction of the ISDN was distributed by CCITT. The responses of 34 Administrations/Recognized Private Operating Agencies (RPOAs) and a summary of these responses are included in the paper.

A general consideration of the standardization within CCITT will close the presentation.


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