Knowledge refinement for a design system

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The Krust refinement tool has already been successfully applied to a variety of relatively simple classificatory problems, and a generic refinement framework is being developed. This paper describes the application of Krust to a design system Tfs, whose task is tablet formulation for a major pharmaceutical company. It shows how novel components can be included within Krust's underlying knowledge model, and how Krust's refinement mechanisms can be extended as required, by adding new operators to the existing toolsets. New mechanisms have been added whereby proofs of related examples are used to constrain and guide Krust's refinement generation. TFs has provided valuable widening experience for attaining our eventual goal of developing a framework for a generic knowledge refinement toolkit.


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  1. 1.School of Computer and Mathematical SciencesThe Robert Gordon UniversityAberdeen
  2. 2.Hurdsfield Industrial EstateZENECA PharmaceuticalsMacclesfield

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