Requirements analysis for a database administration support environment

  • HM Robinson
  • JM Emms
XII — Specific Topics
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This paper identifies and defines the facilities needed to enable database administration to organise and control the construction and operational running of a database system. The data requirements needed to support these facilities, termed control data, are discussed and are defined by means of an entity-attribute-relationship conceptual data model for a control database. This control database forms the core of a database administration support environment (DBASE).

The paper discusses the facilities required from a DBASE for the effective analysis, design, implementation and operational running of a software system making use of a database management system. The need for features such as service and session control, restructuring and reorganisation, and integrity checking is justified. Examples based on the draft international standard for the database language NDL are used to illustrate the expositions in the paper. A comparison is made between a DBASE and both a data dictionary system and an integrated project support environment.

This paper is based on the work of the BCS/CODASYL DDLC Database Administration Working Group.


Database management system database administrator support environment storage allocation 


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