Experience with FORTRAN VERIFIER

A tool for documentation and error diagnosis of FORTRAN-77 programs
  • Reidar Conradi
VIII — Validation
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 289)


FORTRAN VERIFIER (FORTVER) is a tool to assist the development, testing and maintenance of large FORTRAN-77 programs. FORTVER will check module interfaces, and produce various documentation and cross-references. It will compute interprocedural, flow-insensitive sideeffects with complete static and dynamic aliasing in order to diagnose unused, unevaluated, unassigned, or otherwise illegally used variables. An improvement of Banning's algorithm for REF-parameter aliases is also introduced.

FORTVER has analyzed 50 production programs with 1.5 M lines of code, including 3 programs of 300 K lines each. FORTVER routinely diagnoses one serious error per 500–1000 lines at a cost of $20 per error, and can analyze 10–100 times bigger programs than the capacity of similar test tools. Results from four analyzed programs are reported and discussed.

FORTVER has recently been expanded with the FV/QE query editor, using data dictionary functions to assist programming-in-the-large. These tools are being integrated into the EPOS programming environment through the EPOS-DB system database. (EPOS means "Expert System for Program and System Development".)


FORTRAN Dataflow Analysis Error Diagnosis Programming Environment 


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