Softbus — An approach to Software Engineering for distributed real-time long-lifetime spacecraft data management systems

  • R. C. Allen
VII — Re-Use
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Software Engineering can be defined as a systematic approach to the development, operation and maintenance of software systems with defined qualities, properties and reliability delivered to a pre-defined schedule and budget. This paper describes an architectural concept and design intended to contribute to software engineering activities in the field of distributed real-time long-lifetime spacecraft on-board data management systems. This architecture is based on the concept of a software bus — hence the name SOFTBUS. The SOFTBUS is equally applicable to centralised systems which are then capable of later distribution. Application software interfaced to the SOFTBUS is capable of being re-used and is portable. Prototyping and simulation is straightforward. The standard design and associated support tools will enhance potential reliability during the various phases of the software life cycle. The SOFTBUS is designed to accommodate changes in hardware and software technology.


Software Engineering Distributed Systems Long-lifetime Systems Spacecraft Real-time Architecture Portability Re-usability Software Bus 

Softbus — Une facon d'aborder le genie logiciel pour les systemes informatique de satellite, temps-reel, distribues, a longue duree de vie


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