On the power of several queues

  • Martin Schmidt
Automata And Formal Languages
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 480)


We present almost matching upper and lower time bounds for the simulation of Turing machines with many queues (resp. tapes, stacks) on Turing machines with few queues. In particular the power of two queues in comparison with other storage types is clarified, which resolves a question left open by [LLV86]. We show: Multistorage Turing machines can be simulated in time O(t(n)1+1/k) on k-queue machines. Every online simulation of k+1 queues (or of two tapes) on k queues requires time Ω(t(n)1+1/k/polylogt(n)). The lower bounds are based on Kolmogorov complexity.


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