Research and development at KBCS nodal centre, IISc bangalore

  • V. Rajaraman
Activities At The KBCS Nodal Centres
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 444)


This paper gives a brief overview of research and development being carried out at KBCS nodal centre at Indian Institute of Science. The centre has now build three machines. The first machine is a multidimensional multilink system. Three variations of this system with four, eight and nine computing elements are built and are functional. The software environment for this machine provides a general purpose interface to any programming language. The second machine has been built using 16 CEs connected in a tree topology. This machine uses FIFO links for interprocessor communications. The third machine is a coarse grain data flow machine and has a dual token bus broadcast bus architecture. Besides this the centre has developed system software for PAR-C on VAX cluster.


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