Intelligent onboard telemetry system-a design approach

  • P Anguswamy
  • M Krishna Kumar
  • V Mala
Expert Systems
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 444)


Intelligent onboard telemetry monitoring based on expert system techniques can provide many conceptual advantages compared to conventional telemetry monitoring. However, realisation of such a system calls for systematic design approach. In this paper a layered telemetry system architecture - which has many advantages - is described. Taking into account the recent developments in micro electronics and software techniques, a system architecture which can fit with various missions is described. A low cost ground simulation test bed can be configured using high performance multiple personal computers. It is concluded that the successful realisation of an onboard intelligent telemetry system may lead to the application of expert system techniques to many other critical systems.


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  • P Anguswamy
  • M Krishna Kumar
  • V Mala

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