A new linear algorithm for Modular Decomposition

  • Alain Cournier
  • Michel Habib
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 787)


We present here a new algorithm linear in time and space complexity for Modular Decomposition. This algorithm relies on structural properties of prime graphs (see theorems 7, and 8), on properties of modules (see property 1 and corollary 1) but also on the cograph recognition algorithm [CPS85]. Our algorithm builds and explores the decomposition tree of any undirected graph in a depth-first search way. As a by-product we show that a vertex-splitting operation is really a central tool for modular decomposition algorithms.


Graphs autonomous subsets modules clans substitution graph decomposition trees prime graphs cographs vertex-splitting. cotrees 


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  • Michel Habib
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  1. 1.LIRMMMontpellier cedex 5France

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