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Self-calibration from image triplets

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS,volume 1064)


We describe a method for determining affine and metric calibration of a camera with unchanging internal parameters undergoing planar motion. It is shown that affine calibration is recovered uniquely, and metric calibration up to a two fold ambiguity.

The novel aspects of this work are: first, relating the distinguished objects of 3D Euclidean geometry to fixed entities in the image; second, showing that these fixed entities can be computed uniquely via the trifocal tensor between image triplets; third, a robust and automatic implementation of the method.

Results are included of affine and metric calibration and structure recovery using images of real scenes.


  • Screw Axis
  • Camera Centre
  • Absolute Conic
  • Affine Structure
  • Horizon Line

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