Agents as a Rorschach test: A response to Franklin and Graesser

  • Michael Wooldridge
Part II: What is an Agent? — Definitions and Taxonomies
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1193)


Intelligent agent technology is (at the time of writing), a new and intensely vibrant area of research. Agents have enormous potential. But if the term ‘agent’ is not to become an empty, meaningless term attached to everything (cf. ‘structured programming’, ‘user friendly’), then we must try to label as agents only those systems that really deserve it. Although, for the reasons above, I do not entirely share their views or priorities, I believe Franklin and Graesser's paper represents an interesting and important contribution to this debate.


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    M. Wooldridge and N. R. Jennings. Intelligent agents: Theory and practice. The Knowledge Engineering Review, 10(2):115–152, 1995.Google Scholar

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