A decade of development and deployment of distributed Ada systems

  • John D. Smart
Experience Reports
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1088)


The paper describes the design and implementation methods used by BAeSEMA to support their development, over the last ten years, of very large Distributed Command and Control Systems written in Ada 83. It describes the characteristics of our Common Framework and the strategy for extensive use of automatic generation of Ada 83 code from a Design Data Base. Over 2.5 million lines of code have successfully been delivered and the paper provides metrics on the composition of the delivered systems. Finally, we present an assessment of how Ada 95 could provide better support for such large scale Ada developments.


Real-Time Systems Distributed Systems Frameworks Techniques and Tools Software Development Methods and Techniques Experience Report Metrics 


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  • John D. Smart
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  1. 1.Combat Systems DivisionBAeSemaNew MaldenEngland

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