The funds management modernization: Experiences with developing an object oriented, client-server management information system in Ada95

  • Ilt Chad Bremmon
Experience Reports
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This paper is an experience report of a complex effort focused on re-engineering the United States Air Force budget information systems. The customer will be provided a GUI-based system that runs on client PCs, operating in a client-server, distributed environment with over 2000 clients at various functional levels. Dispersed throughout the world, the FMMS will use CORBA for distributed processing and to aid with Windows 3.1 compatibility. The FMMS will use Microsoft OLE for COTS integration on the PC client.

I begin with a discussion of the Funds Management Modernization and its role in the Air Force Planning, Programming and Budget System (PPBS). I move on to discuss the technical issues involved with the development of this modernized system. An initial prototype and lessons learned served as input to actual product development. After discussing the proof-of-concept, implemented in Ada83, 1 describe the transition to Ada95 as part of fullscale development. Later discussion includes lessons learned in the Ada95 transition and changes made to the development plan based on the transition.


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