Specifying pan-European Management systems

  • Linda Strick
  • Jens Meinköhn
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Emerging telecommunications systems require sophisticated management systems. To aid in the specification and implementation of such management systems, the RACE II project R2041 PRISM is currently developing a comprehensive framework termed Service Management Reference Configuration, based on concepts from Telecommunications Management Networks and Open Distributed Processing. An important part of the framework is the enterprise modelling, which is further elaborated here. The enterprise modelling provides the designers and implementors of a management system with a consistent, high-level view of the principle system entities and relationships between co-operating communications organisations from the perspective of distributed enterprise communication systems. Furthermore, the enterprise modelling helps to integrate different, independent management solutions and systems as it serves as a common language for describing and specifying such systems.


Systems Management TMN Reference Configuration ODP Viewpoints Enterprise Modelling 


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