Requirements of inter-domain management and their implications for TMN architecture and implementation

  • Lennart H. Bjerring
  • Michael Tschichholz
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 851)


Inter-Domain Management requires information and information services which are not offered by X.700 OSI Systems Management standards. The X.500 Directory complements X.700 with respect to these requirements, both for pre-service and in-service management activities. Applying both X.500 and X.700 information modeling approaches adds to the complexity of management applications. To solve this problem various distribution transparencies are offered by the proposed integrated X.500/X.700 IDMIS management service interface. However the introduction of X.500 and IDMIS requires enhancements to the existing TMN architecture to acknowledge these concerns.


Inter-Domain Management TMN Architecture X-Interface OSI Systems Management OSI Directory Distribution Transparency Global Naming Shared Management Knowledge 


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  • Lennart H. Bjerring
  • Michael Tschichholz

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