An application to teaching in logic course of ATP based on natural deduction

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Our theorem proving system can construct the proofs of logic formulas with quantifiers in a natural deduction style. It is written in GCLISP. Here is an application to education of our automatic theorem proving system, named it TTP, short for Teaching Theorem Proving. Now TTP not only can give students hints, helps but also demonstrate them how it proves theorems itself, correct and grade their homework, point out where and why they make mistakes and record their-works with grades in teacher's directory. Even we asked our students to take the examinations by using our TTP system, the TTP system just is a fair and industrious teacher. TTP system only needs students to type inferrence rule names except for entering the formulas to be proven, students don't need to manipulate logic formulas during solving their problems. Now our TTP not only can be loaded in IBM PC, but also SUN workstation, ELXSI. It runs in Artificial Intelligence Lab. of our university and is available for all students of our university.


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