Finite Volume Implementation of Non-Dispersive, Non-Hydrostatic Shallow Water Equations

  • Vincent Guinot
  • Didier Clamond
  • Denys Dutykh
Part of the Springer Hydrogeology book series (SPRINGERHYDRO)


A shock-capturing, finite volume implementation of recently proposed non-hydrostatic two-dimensional shallow water equations, is proposed. The discretization of the equations in conservation form implies the modification of the time derivative of the conserved variable, in the form of a mass/inertia matrix, and extra terms in the flux functions. The effect of this matrix is to slow down wave propagation in the presence of significant bottom slopes. The proposed model is first derived in conservation form using mass and momentum balance principles. Its finite volume implementation is then presented. The additional terms to the shallow water equations can be discretized very easily via a simple time-stepping procedure. Two application examples are presented. These examples seem to indicate that the proposed model does not exhibit strong differences with the classical hydrostatic shallow water model under steady-state conditions, but that its behavior is significantly different when transients are involved.


Shallow water model Non-hydrostatic pressure distribution Bottom acceleration 


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  1. 1.Université Montpellier—HSM UMR 5569Place Eugène BataillonMontpellierFrance
  2. 2.Université de Nice-Sophial Antipolis—Laboratoire J. ADieudonné UMR 7351Nice CedexFrance
  3. 3.LAMA UMR 5127Campus ScientifiqueMarseilles CedexFrance

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