The Virtual-Reality Campuses Project



Virtual-reality Campuses was a project designed for River Valley High School (RVHS) students to (1) learn the latest virtual-reality (VR) technology, (2) apply VR technology to create VR campuses of the school in its history, and (3) use the VR Campuses for the purposes of school heritage education, as well as safety and security education. Through this project, students were exposed to innovative research and development in the emerging field of interactive and digital media (IDM). With the aid of VR Campuses, RVHS students can now enhance their bonding with the School through a better understanding of the school history. RVHS also uses the VR Campuses in the education of campus security and laboratory safety. The VR Campuses project was shortlisted to represent Singapore in the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Award Competition held in Melbourne, Australia in 2009.


Virtual-reality 3D campuses Modeling Visualization  School heritage Safety and security education 


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