Economic Analysis of Solar Chimney: Literature Review



Power generation utilizing solar chimney (SC) appears to be a radical perspective for both residential and industrial applications. Such proposition includes safeguard of mother nature reducing the ecological combustion of fossil fuels. Solar chimney (SC) initiates an opportunity in the convenience of local and isolated communities for the augmentation of industrial efforts and hence expands a probability in economic growth sustaining ecological balance. Nowadays, large-scale solar chimneys can be manufactured without any technical problems and at defined costs. Moreover, the accommodation requirements of rapidly growing population lead to the vertical growth of the buildings. The significance of electrical utilities intensifying for the necessity of proper ventilation and daylighting in place of nourish natural air ventilation system. Solar chimney also devised a driveway for natural ventilation structure for high-rise buildings. This chapter imparts a brief outline of research and development of SC power technology in the past century along with an economic analysis and cost effectiveness of solar chimney power plant (SCPP).


Ventilation Solar chimney power plant (SCPP) Thermal comfort Solar chimney Levelized electricity cost (LEC) Additional review 


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