A Cultural Enterprise: A Study of Contemporary Bruneian Films



Based on Manovich's notion of digital cinema as a cultural interface, drawing on an array of case studies such as Harlif Hj Mohamad and Nurain Abdullah’s Ada Apa Dengan Rina (2013) and Rina 2 (2017), Siti Kamaluddin’s Yasmine (2014) and Hari Minggu yang Ke-empat (2018) and Abdul Zainidi’s docu-horror short film series Vanishing Children (2015–2019) and feature film Worm and The Widow (2020), this paper gives a comprehensive, in-depth discussion on contemporary digital filmmaking in Brunei and its resonance with the Bruneian traditional socio-cultural ethos. Furthermore, this paper goes on to investigate the emerging Bruneian movie industry amid the digital transformation and its increasingly essential promotion of the unique Bruneian national identity and cultural preservation.


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