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Big Data in Healthcare: Challenges and Promise

Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST,volume 164)


Recently, the growth of the clinical sector and the technologies used in combination with the healthcare sector has resulted in the massive growth of the data that is being produced. To handle, store, and analyze such massive amounts of data, big data techniques are being used in the healthcare sector. This article features the gigantic effects of big data on restorative partners, patients, doctors, pharmaceutical and therapeutic administrators, and healthcare backup plans, and furthermore audits the various difficulties that must be considered to get the best benefits from this big data and accessible applications.


  • Big data in health care
  • Application of big data analysis
  • Intelligent healthcare management system
  • Applications of technology in health care

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We are grateful toward Dr. Longzhi Yang, Prof. Bharat S. Rawal, and Dr. Vijayakumar V. for giving us this opportunity as well as their guidance which led us to the correct path and their encouragement which kept us going, and most importantly their critiques due to which we could further improve our research work and also their advice due to which we could keep our work on schedule. Finally, we thank our parents for their support and encouragement throughout our study.

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