Problem Diagnostic Method for IEC61850 MMS Communication Network

  • Anjali GautamEmail author
  • S. Ashok
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This paper describes the analysis of the IEC61850 MMS and GOOSE communication network using a laboratory setup. The MMS communication between the OPC server and simulated IED is established and communication is captured using the open-source tool Wireshark. The normal flow of communication is analyzed and decoded first and IEC61850 data is manipulated in IED to determine how the communication flow deviates from the standard flow of communication. Reporting to the Station HMI and SCADA is done using MMS communication service on the Ethernet network. To determine the status and quality of the IEC61850 data exchanged between IED’s (GOOSE), IED and HMI (MMS), Wireshark is used to capture the network traffic between these two scenarios. Moreover, these captured scenarios in Wireshark are used to diagnose whether the error is a configuration error or the network error. These Wireshark log files are sent by the users of the IED’s in the substation to the vendors of IED to diagnose the error codes. The efforts in diagnosing the errors can be reduced if one knows the flow in the normal scenario and abnormal scenarios which can help to reduce the time to troubleshoot the IEC61850 communication network.


MMS (Manufacturing Message Service) GOOSE Wireshark OPC server IED 


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