Relationship Between the Housing Price and Competitiveness: Empirical Analysis

  • Pengfei NiEmail author
  • Haidong Xu
  • Haibo Wang


We have sorted out literature on the house price and urban competitiveness and presented the current status of the land market and the house price in cities around the world. Based on that, we will discuss the global impact of the house price on urban competitiveness. Urban competitiveness is measured by the competitiveness index and based on a city’s income level and population size. In this chapter, we first look at the relationship between the house price to income ratio, the house price, the income and the population on the whole, then describes the pattern and trend shown in each region, country, city and urban agglomeration, reveals the impact of the house price on urban competitiveness and population, and concludes that the effect of the house price on urban competitiveness is in an inverted U shape: it goes up first and then declines along with the trade-off between the aggregation force and the dispersion force.

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