Cyber Security for Website of Technology Policy Laboratory

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Website is a collection of related web pages address with certain IP address in an Internet Protocol-based network. Website contains information to be shared and exchanged with others. Using an application called browser, users can browse any kind of website and connect with other users in network. Web pages are accessed and transported with Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which can use encryption (HTTP Secure) as a security mechanism. Website is holding important role in the Internet world. Therefore, security is required in digital world to prevent crimes. Criminals targeted any situations where people unaware with. In this case, website as the front client application is a strategic place. It is important to aware about security, especially for the important websites that affect many people, such as banking, government, trading, and others. This research talks about design of cyber security for Website of Technology Policy Laboratory (TPL), aims to support the government’s technology policy-making and to address social needs for globalization and the coming era of knowledge economy. One of the function is as the main government think-tank for technology policy and the major platform for incorporating Indonesian’s research communities.


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