Translational Photoacoustic Microscopy

  • Yong Zhou
  • Lihong V. WangEmail author
Part of the Progress in Optical Science and Photonics book series (POSP, volume 3)


Photoacoustic microscopy (PAM), combining the advantages of optical excitation and of acoustic detection, has been widely used for both structural and functional imaging with scalable resolution and penetration in biological tissues. In this chapter, we provide a detailed discussion on PAM in translational studies. We first summarize the principles and major implementations of this technology. Then we introduce the state of the art in translational PAM, including studies on burns, peripheral arterial occlusive disease, eye disease, diabetic microvascular complications, pain, melanoma, gastrointestinal tract disease, and the brain. Finally, we discuss the major challenges and future directions of translational PAM.


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The authors would like to thank Profs. James Ballard and Sandra Matteucci for manuscript editing. This work was supported in part by National Institutes of Health grants DP1 EB016986 (NIH Director’s Pioneer Award), R01 CA186567 (NIH Director’s Transformative Research Award), U01 NS090579 (BRAIN Initiative), R01 EB016963, R01 EB010049, R01 CA157277, and R01 CA159959 as well as National Science Foundation grant 1255930. L.W. has a financial interest in Microphotoacoustics, Inc. and Endra, Inc., which, however, did not support this work.


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